ECOM320: Mobile commerce sites and apps are gaining momentum in the digital economy and Companies are integrating and adopting: Office of the Registrar Assignment, AU, Canada

University Athabasca University (AU)
Subject ECOM320: Office of the Registrar

1. Mobile commerce sites and apps are gaining momentum in the digital economy. Companies are integrating and adopting new apps and technologies to support their activities, production, customer care, and payment systems. What new security threats could this type of technology pose to business?

2. What are the key technologies that enable the security of communication systems? Explain the role of each one and support your answers with examples.

3. Explain the difference between symmetric key encryption and public-key encryption. Which dimensions of e-commerce security does encryption address?

4. What is intellectual property? Why is the copyright of materials on the Internet an important issue?

5. What is Big Data and why is it an important part of digital marketing strategy?

6. What are the key steps and guidelines that support the ethical dilemmas analysis process?

7. Explain how social networks such as Eggs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others are affecting the ways businesses operate, communicate, and serve their customers. Support your explanation with examples.

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