ECOM320: Explain why supply chain management should be aligned with corporate strategy: Office of the Registrar Assignment, AU, Canada

University Athabasca University (AU)
Subject ECOM320: Office of the Registrar

1. Explain why supply chain management should be aligned with corporate strategy. justify your answer with an example.

2. Explain how the Internet and e-commerce have affected the strategic planning process.

3. Explain how e-commerce systems could be used to streamline the supply chain. Support your explanation with examples.

4. Explain the relationships among analysis, design, and implementation for creating an e-commerce site. Support your explanation with examples.

5. Explain how and why designing mobile web pages differs from designing traditional web pages.


Spotify is a global, online music streaming, podcasting, and video service launched in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. The service allows users to browse music in a variety of genres and create shareable playlists. Spotify gained traction as one of the most popular streaming sites, building its song library to more than 30 million titles. It has amassed a following of over 75 million users and experienced healthy revenue growth. However, the company is experiencing fierce competition; it is struggling to perfect its business model and solidify its profitability in the global market.

Visit and search the web using the following inquiries to answer the following questions.

a. What is Spotify’s mission/vision statement? Does it support the company’s strategic priorities? Explain why or why not.

b. What is the firm’s main business model and revenue model?

c. Describe the major elements that are affecting the company’s external and internal environment. Which of these elements are the most critical?

d. What digital strategic decisions would you recommend for the company to achieve profitability?

e. From a design perspective, how would you rate their customer interface? site design and structure,

ii) page design, and

iii) content design.

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