ECOM320: Describe the key factors that will define the future of e-commerce and Support your answer with an example for each factor: Office of the Registrar Assignment, AU, Canada

University Athabasca University (AU)
Subject ECOM320: Office of the Registrar

1. Describe the key factors that will define the future of e-commerce. Support your answer with an example for each factor.

2. Explain the main functionalities and features included in e-commerce servers. What factors should be included in the decision-making process for choosing from among the various e-commerce merchant server software packages?

3. What are B2B exchanges? Are there any successful and viable B2B business models? Justify your answer by explaining the benefits and limitations to B2B members.

4. Explain how the Internet and e-commerce have impacted the five forces of industry competitiveness. S. What are the implications of cloud computing for e-commerce?

6. What is the Internet of Things (JOT)? Describe the major issues and challenges associated with IoT.

Case 1

Amazon is an example of a very successful online retailer. Their business model has expanded from simply selling books online to being the online retailer for everything on the Internet.

a. What is the main business model for Amazon?

b. Explain each of the eight elements of their business model.

Case 2

Read “The Apple Watch: Bringing the Internet of Things to Your Wrist” in your Lesson 2 reading, then answer the following questions.

a. What are the potential benefits of wearable technology? Are there any disadvantages? (10 marks)

b. Search the web and find three examples of IoT technologies. List them and explain what these technologies are based on.

c. What are the benefits of IoT?

d. If you were an e-commerce manager, would you adopt any of these technologies, and why?

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