GSSC1054 Forensic Psychology Assignment Sample Canada

GSSC1054 Forensic Psychology is an introductory-level course that covers the scientific study of behavior with a focus on crime and justice. The course provides an overview of key topics in forensic psychology, including the assessment and treatment of offenders, eyewitness testimony, criminal profiling, and courtroom psychology. It also considers issues such as ethics and professional responsibility in forensic practice.

This course is intended for students who are interested in learning more about the psychological factors that contribute to crime and justice. The course is designed to provide an overview of the field of forensic psychology, with a focus on its contributions to our understanding of criminal behavior.

Students will be introduced to key topics in forensic psychology, including the assessment and treatment of offenders, eyewitness testimony, criminal profiling, and courtroom psychology. The course will also consider issues such as ethics and professional responsibility in forensic practice.

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We’ve put up a few tasks for you in this part. They are:

Assignment Task 1: Recognize the transient and artificial nature of research findings in psychology.

It’s important to realize that the findings of psychological research are often transitory and artificial. What may be true today may not be true tomorrow, and what may be true in one context may not be true in another. This is because psychological research is based on observation and experimentation, which are subject to a lot of variabilities.

For example, imagine you’re studying how people react to stress. You might find that people tend to get frazzled when they’re under a lot of pressure. But if you change the experimental conditions – say, you give them a break before they start the experiment, or you take away their phones so they can’t be distracted – you might find that they don’t react as negatively to the stress.

This means that you can’t take the findings of psychological research as gospel truth. Instead, you should view them as provisional, and always be open to the possibility that they may change in the future.

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Assignment Task 2: Explain the behavior of criminals with theories and research findings in psychology.

Although there are many different theories about why criminals commit crimes, the most prominent theories can be broadly divided into two categories: cognitive and psychodynamic.

The cognitive approach focuses on the way that people think and reason for their behavior. The key assumption of this approach is that people make rational decisions based on their perceptions of the world and their goals. Criminals, according to this theory, are no different than anyone else; they simply have different motivations or reasons for committing crimes.

The psychodynamic approach, on the other hand, emphasizes the role of unconscious psychological factors in motivating criminal behavior. According to this theory, criminals commit crimes as a way to express their innermost desires or feelings (such as anger or rage) that they are unable to express in more socially acceptable ways.

Both of these approaches have a lot of evidence to support them, and it’s likely that both play a role in motivating criminal behavior.

One theory that has been particularly influential in understanding criminal behavior is Social Learning Theory. This theory posits that people learn criminal behavior by observing and imitating the behavior of others, particularly those who they see as role models. This theory can help to explain why crime tends to run in families, and why people who grow up in neighborhoods with high rates of crime are more likely to become criminals themselves.

Assignment Task 3: Describe the psychological states and needs of specific populations in the forensic settings (e.g., police officers, former inmates).

There are a variety of psychological states and needs that might be present in forensic settings.

Police officers often need to have a very strong, tough persona to do their job effectively. They often see horrific things on a daily basis and need to be able to compartmentalize these images and experiences in order to continue functioning. Many officers report feeling numb or indifferent towards violence and death.

Former inmates may struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, and self-blame after leaving prison. They may also feel socially isolated since they no longer have the shared experiences of being incarcerated together with others. Former inmates often need support in readjusting to life outside of prison as well as help in finding housing, employment, and education opportunities.

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Assignment Task 4: Analyze real-life and hypothetical scenarios with course materials on crime, victimization, witnessing, police, court, and correctional service. 

There are many real-life and hypothetical scenarios that can be analyzed with course materials on crime, victimization, witnessing, police, court, and correctional service. For example, let’s say that you witnessed a robbery at a local store. You could analyze this scenario by looking at the course material on victimization. This would help you understand why the victim was targeted and what sorts of things the offender may have looked for before choosing to rob the store.

You could also look at the course material on witnesses to better understand your role in this situation and how you can support the police in their investigation. Additionally, you might want to consider taking courses on police procedure and criminal law so that you can better understand the processes involved in these sorts of cases.

If you are interested in working in the court or correctional system, you could analyze a hypothetical case to see how different sentencing options might play out. For example, you could consider a case where the offender is given a prison sentence versus a community service sentence. You could evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each option and come to a conclusion about which would be more effective in deterring future crime.

Argue with reasons for one’s positions on issues in the law-enforcement and legal settings. For instance, on the use of lethal force by law enforcement officers:

There are a few key points to consider when examining this issue. First, law enforcement officers must make split-second decisions when lives are at stake. Second, officers must consider whether there is an imminent threat to themselves or others. And finally, they must weigh the risks and benefits of using deadly force.

In most cases, using deadly force is justified if there is an immediate threat to life or limb. For example, if a suspect is pointing a gun at an officer or waving it around in a threatening way, then the officer would be justified in using lethal force. However, if the suspect is not armed and does not pose an immediate threat to anyone, then using deadly force would not be justified.

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