Volunteerism is imperative to the social development of a country It enhances civic engagement: health and social care Research Paper, TOU, Canada

University The Open University (TOU)
Subject Health and social care

Volunteerism is imperative to the social development of a country. It enhances civic engagement, which, in turn, promotes the social cohesiveness of the community and nation. Many organizations, especially the non-profit ones, rely heavily on volunteers’ contributions to meet the growing demands of social and community services within the society. Volunteers are not only of societal importance to society but they also offer favorable economic utility. In Hong Kong, the rate of participation in volunteerism at around 17% translates yearly into an estimated addition of HKD 5.5 billion to the economy.

Despite the presence of volunteerism in all societies, Asia has one of the lowest rates of volunteerism where only 20% of the population volunteers, as compared to the 22% and 40% reported by the Americas and Oceania. One explanation underlying this phenomenon could be the difference in educational credentialing systems and employee-recruitment policies in Western societies where people can use their volunteering experiences in attaining higher education degrees and employment.

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